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Global-Migrate offer various different and unique services to suit anyones needs who contacts us. We also offer tailor made services specialy designed to suit our client’s requirements. Some of our most popular services are:

Document Checking

Some applicants prefer to submit there own applications but they are not sure that they have provided the right documents or the correct information? They may be on a limited budget and might not want to pay a third party to secure their visa. Global-Migrate provides a unique Document Checking Service which will put your mind at peace by offering legal advice and identifying any errors in your application. This service is available for all UK Visas, Australian Visas, Canadian Visas and Denmark Immigration. Even a simple mistake in your application may result in your application being refused which could have serious implications on any future applications. Once we have checked your documents we can assure you that process of waiting for the decision of your application will be stress free.
We provide this service at a very competitive rate. This process does not mean your visa will be guaranteed as we only check your documents and give you our feedback. We do not take the responsibility of lodging your application. Therefore, if you want the best chances of securing your visa please call us on +44 (0)207 9934762 and speak to our highly trained advisors who might surprise you by telling you what our full service fee might be. In most cases it’s normally less than what you are expecting. It might be worth your spend and will in the end be great value for your money.
Same Day/Premium Service

As well as ensuring that applications are thoroughly prepared and presented, Global-Migrate can also obtain same-day appointments with the UK Border Agency at short notice for many UK Visa applications. We are registered with the UK Border Agency to provide you with our Premium (Same Day) application service. This includes assessing the application with the aim of identifying any potential issues affecting the application and checking supporting documents required for the application. Please note: If the UKBA stops providing this service we will not be in a position to offer this service. Therefore, to take advanatage of this service contact us now.
Most applications submitted by the Premium (Same Day) service are decided within one working day, and we will be able to advise the applicant of the outcome of the decision within 24 hours of the appointment. The supporting documents can then be returned to the applicant (or collected) on the next working day following the appointment.
Fast Track Submissions

Many skilled people want to migrate to Canada, Australia and New Zealand not knowing that they can be placed on a fast track scheme making the applications process a lot faster than normal. Depending on your skills countries such as Canada has fast tracks program which give proven companies the chance to get the skilled candidate they want within months.
In Australia the government has cut much of the red tape for getting skilled migrants recognising how important migrants are to their economy and country. With this knowledge we can prepare your application incredible fast to be submitted.
Document Verification

Document Verification has become increasing more important as geographical boundaries appear to be small and more emphasis has been put on technology therefore misinformation has become a greater problem. Documents being falsified have become common practices in today’s world, not doing background checks can have negative effect on your application.
Global-Migrate checks documents so that the risk of wrongful credentials are not being enter during the application process leading to applicants failing to enter the country they desire.
Having done visa applicants for several years with many successful applications and extensive knowledge of local markets within Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Job Search

With over 60,000 jobs advertises in Canada, 38,782 jobs advertise in Australia, and 4.906 jobs advertise Denmark. Not only would Global migrate help you with your visa application we also help you to search for the job that match your skills set with that country. When you decided to go with our Career Service Solution we would search for jobs for you while your application is being process by the country you choose.
Initially we would vet whether you have the credentials whether the country you desire to go need you skills after that is done we begin to process your applications. Our staff at Global – migrate are highly trained to know which visa would be best for you whether it’s a working holiday or permit residence visa.

Written advice and guidance at each stage of the application process and on-going supervision of your case by your immigration case worker. Preparation of the entire visa application on your behalf, in accordance with the current immigration regulations including the completion of official application forms, submissions and supporting documentation. Identifying and clarifying complications or possible problems with the immigration authorities or relevant official body.
Coordinating your time-sensitive documentation such as medical tests, English language tests, police reports, and, where necessary, the applications for professional registration and official qualification recognition. Presentation of your application to the immigration authorities in the format recommended by the immigration authorities. Monitoring your application during the official processing of your case, liaison between you and the authorities, and responding to any questions raised by the immigration authorities.


Welcome to Global-Migrate. We are a private OISC registered UK Ltd company F201100270. We provide comprehensive short and long term international immigration solutions for our Private and Corporate clients. We provide a series of free, no obligation online eligibility assessments containing the most current visa and immigration legislation. The assessments calculate if you meet the basic eligibility criteria and which visa matches your requirements. Global-Migrate will never share your details with any third party. Global-Migrate is not the Official Government Body or affiliated with it. For our FEE and Why you should use us please click here

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