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If you want to live and work in Denmark, the country’s Greencard Scheme is the most popular route you can avail. Like any immigration process, getting a Demark Greencard can be a very complex and daunting process. If you want help with your application, get in touch with Global-Migrate’s trained immigration consultants. We have helped many people apply for, and get, their Green Cards.

The Greencard scheme is a points-based system. Points are earned for the level of education you have attained, along with bonus points for top ranked universities. You can also earn additional points if you are qualified to work in certain fields. Regardless of field, you will also earn points for your recent work experience.

To find out more about which fields can earn you the most points, or to find out how many points your education will earn, get in touch with Global-Migrate today.

You will also be given points for your language skills. While knowledge of Danish can be important for your success in Denmark, you might also be eligible for points for your knowledge of other languages, including English and German.

It is important to make sure your application for a Greencard includes all the information and documentation required, including proof of your financial resources and health insurance. If you do not provide the right information, your application can be rejected. By using a trusted immigration advisor like Global-Migrate, you can be confident your application will be complete and successful.

When you get your Greencard, you will be able to live and work in Denmark for up to three years, with the ability to extend your stay for up to five additional years. The green card is only appropriate for people wishing to work for others, though. If you want to be self-employed in Denmark, you will need a different visa.

To find out if the Green Card is right for you, and to see if you’re eligible, get in touch with Global-Migrate for a free visa assessment today. Let us help make your Denmark immigration dream a reality!

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